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Kanger Mission
To create environmentally-friendly life for human
To create value for customers, opportunities for employees, profit for shareholders and fortune for the society
Kanger Vision
To be the world’s Kanger
Create a world-leading glass-ceramic enterprise and make a time-honored world-famous Kanger brand

Kanger Spirit
Open-minded:Learn widely from others’ strong points; brave to have a try
Harmonious:Cooperation & Collaboration, Shared Responsibility
Pragmatic:Pursue Actual Effect, Do not Make Public
Innovative:Develop Technology, Innovate in Mechanism
Operation Principle
Rational Pursuit:Two steps slow rather than half step wrong
Authorized Operation:Sufficient Authorization, Performance Guidance
Collaboration and Share:Value Supreme, Sharing of Profit
Management Control Principle
Methodical in Centralization; Orderly in Decentralization of Authority, Disciplined in Authorization, Moderate in Using Authority
Development Concept
Harmonious Development, Scientific Development, Effective Development, Collaborative Development
Great Relation Principle
Shareholders and Operation Management:Contract Operation, Sharing of Profit
Enterprise and Employees:Interactive Win-win, Common Growth
Enterprise and Partners: Mutual Benefit, March Forward Hand in Hand
Enterprise and the Society:Abide by Business Ethics, Shoulder the Responsibility
Employs Ability Standard
Customer Supreme:Customer Orientation, Service Awareness
Arouse Potential:Take the Initiative, Challenge Pressure
Effective Communication:Think in Others’ Perspective, Respect Each Other
Excellent Implementation:Shoulder the Responsibility, Pursue Actual Effect
Innovation and Troubleshooting:Think Positively, Settle a Matter
Standard of Employee Behavior
Dedication:Work Scrupulously to fulfill duties, Brave to shoulder the responsibility
Progress: Never Satisfy, Pursue Excellence
Collaboration:Obey the Overall Situation, Collaborate and Cooperate
Learning:Humble and Studious, Apply What They Have Learned
Style: Vigorous and Resolute, Firm and Indomitable
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